Friends Season 4 Scenarios Summary

The first four friends about 1 / plot


The jellyfish surprise

Ross had dumped bonnie, Next morning lifts away. Bonnie

Write a letter to Rachel letter in reply, he rose and reading,

Prepare hard to read the letter of ShuiMo - rose harassment... When Rachel checking homework, he had already read this letter said false and recognition

With the letter.

When he found he is accused of pages of fault caused two parted, spirit not dozen 1 come.

Phoebe with her mother never because contact and saddened, She said to his mother, but never want to meet with her mother.

Ursula knew their mothers, but never told phoebe.

Monica and joey were playing on the beach in QianDeHe,

Joey dug a hole, Monica miserably was attacked a jellyfish.

Joey of discovery channel has starred in, to cut pee can alleviate which produced by the jellyfish sting.

Monica themselves less urine, joey had stage fright by chandler.

Ross cannot hide their dissatisfaction, and Rachel broke again.



The first four friends first 2 sets about/drama


A transmigration

Joey and chandler consensus, will they big entertainment center (is) a modular joey do (baidu) sale,

Tony and Peter wants to use with their canoe,

Another was joey advertising attracted "buyers," will lock into the cabinet joey cheat, took home all valuable


Monica and Rachel high school PROM JiPu dating partner,

Unfortunately, JiPu from Lincoln did not become a mature after graduating from high school.

Ross and Rachel continue to break up and ran.

Phoebe picked up a cat, and believe that it is her mother reincarnation,

The streets, except for cats ads are afraid to tell who Ross, phoebe.



The first three seasons friends about/scenarios. Integrating


Handcuffs game

Building up, joey administrator back yard waste tables, chairs, and the canoe in home together as furniture.

Chandler met Joanna (Rachel supervisor), and once again and she fooling around.

Rachel slipped into the office, chandler, Joanna, both hands is half are put on the chair.

Monica to her mother's party, but the food is a false nails fell in a ovo-lacto bread.

With her exquisite final monica culinary conquered all the guests and... The mother.

A salesman tried to sell an encyclopedia for joy, but joey only afford V)



The first four friends about 4 sets. /


Social dance,

Joey has taught provoke Rachel unpleasant Mr Treeger administrator.

Mr. Treeger determination to Rachel and monica out of the apartment, because of the apartment is the nominal rent grandmother monica, turn

To monica, they are illegal.

To avoid trouble, the Treeger as Mr. Joe promised to attend social dance partner.

Chandler terminate at the gym membership, Rose to be moral aid, but he was also LaXiaShui.

Phoebe vainly tried to forget one of her Rick (according to the customer (baidu)), She lost her job results, but Rick was married.



The first five seasons friends about/scenarios. Integrating


Joey's new girlfriend

QianDeHe Cathy outsiders find each other, the girl was joey, With the deep understanding, more addicted.

As long as there is Rachel in occasions, Ross took his appointment with Amanda (a single mother hung in the mouth, Rachel,

Dating younger guy jia and be countered,

But actually Amanda just to help her with child by Ross, so she well with others; free appointment Jia assorted is stolen Rachel's east


In his childhood, Ross gestures outrage of strange inventions.

Phoebe cold causes of her voice hoarse and sexy becomes, After recovery, her desperate to get cold again, She even a kiss




The first six friends about/scenarios. Integrating


"Grey" girl

Ross and beautiful special paleontologists Cheryl dating,

But the poor hygiene habits that Cheryl dirty home like a pigsty.

Chandler buy Cathy favorite out of print book, want as a birthday gift for Cathy,

But he had no intention of ZhuanMei prior to, because what also don't know joey,

Joey: on behalf buy gifts, chandler, please book whomped JieHuaXianFo went to joey.

Phoebe lend monica purchase of raw materials,

Monica in funeral provide food, popular, but collect their frustration, phoebe horse.

Rachel think independently spelling games.

The first four friends first seven sets about/drama


Q: supplanted love

Chandler accidentally met Cathy bathing, more distracted,

Joey because of dating to Kathy makes Cathy empty; etc.

QianDeHe Cathy alone and affectionate smooches,

Chandler inner guilty prompted him to give a new apartment to acquire furniture,

Cathy with joy, joey suspicion; the third is Chandler admits he is the third, both friendship cracks.

Ross play old works, phoebe surprised if heaven, But phoebe is his only companion, Other per capita sleep unbearable, phoebe

The music talent than rose greatly, decided to never teach your grandmother to suck eggs.

The first 8 sets about/scenarios



Chandler to box the feast

Joey still is Cathy and heart, He tried to reconciled with chandler, can't, finally decided to move...

By, he and chandler found a solution to the problem, the two men is chandler in the box by a wall,

Spend Thanksgiving.

Monica eye injury, but refused to find her, Richard, Call the doctor came, it is quite lovely Richard


Everybody decided to send Christmas gifts; secret

Rose against Rachel always send her a gift to change, Rachel, and put two significant interaction in Las Vegas

One. Give rose,



The first four friends first nine sets about/scenarios


The party!

Phoebe and monica chipped a closed truck, as the supply of food.

Monica for a local newspaper cover; food critics. She was severely criticized restaurant food, the restaurant invited her

When the chef. Monica: facing choices is accepted the invitation? Continued and phoebe together food suppliers?

Ross and chandler plan and party Gandolf ace party, but with no afforded Gandolf came.

Ross and chandler feeling very boring, joey persuasion, we can have fun.

Rachel hopes to get another job, but the boss gave her BanZi make.


The first four friends 10 sets about/drama



The girl was pat to skip

Joey, a new record for 15 pieces oreo put into his mouth.

Ross and a skip from heshbon, a place (New York), but the girl for the geographical distance between two people


Rachel to love, if anything, so stop fooling around to help her arrangement; :

When chandler colleagues found that woman is Rachel, but she just fooling around, they rush to bribe chandler.

Monica from work is not around feeling, So, so he fired hire joey came ShaJiXiaHou.

But joey like accept tips, so the smooth implementation plans to monica.

Phoebe efforts for the friend write Christmas songs.

Ross train to herod, skip about results overslept, woke up in Montreal (Canada) has come... body

Lying on the side of the girl from nova scotia province).



The four friends episode 11 story plot outline /


Phoebe was "lend chicken unripe egg."

Little frank (phoebe's brother) and the teacher Alice, they request phoebe elope for their children (baidu) pregnant contemporary (baidu) mom,

Phoebe asked mother, mother will raise a dog to send her three days, so that she would know the love is final

Walking is what taste.

Rose to joey found jobs, in a museum when commentator,

Ross refused and joey at lunch (because white-collar researcher deskmate never and blue-collar commentator), which greatly hurt Joe

Iraq's feelings.

This prompted rose up loudly, to improve the cafeteria order, people should candidly and should not have classes

The points.

This effect is good too.

Chandler fear and Cathy relationship, because she was joey's former girlfriend,

Chandler aware of his bed, so just calculate exam performance for monica and Rachel scriptures,

Results Cathy feel grateful.

The four friends 12 story plot outline /



Chicks grow gradually cock, keen's crow.

Phoebe accept to implant son (baidu fertilized; the operation),

Because of the high cost of small frank and Alice only can afford an operation, so phoebe feeling of pressure.

Monica and joey and chandler, Rachel, who know each other more bet.

Then rose design quiz game, bet rising:

If the girls to win, chicken and ducks must send to walk, Conversely, if the boys to win, both sides have exchanged apartment.



The first four friends first 13 sets about/scenarios


Rachel fall

Cathy found in the new play: before the cooperation with actor has a blistering performances, he feared the problem,

Encourage joey, he said, are both on chemical action, but not so below,

Chandler eased after his heart, but the film, found that performance is wrong.

Chandler accused Cathy shouldn't go to bed and actor, Results, discord.

Chandler to apologize but found the spilt milk.

Monica to joey, since you guys a room, should be more cost burden,

Joe promised to large banquet guests, monica, also to decorate the room.

Rachel department is concise, so she was demoted, when the private purchasing assistant,

She wanted to quit, but a rich GongZiGe but ask her for help procurement,

She wanted to date him, but the overwhelming... Because she never voluntarily about boys.



The first four friends 14 sets about/scenarios


Joey smelly smelly

Joey go fishing, back after stink... He could not sleep, the bath is past, from early film

Joey Charlton Heston intercoursed and actor will play the chance,

Director too smelly, result he had him in the dressing room, Mr Heston cold.

Joe invited Rachel to valencia in the opening ceremony, but her club beforehand has promised to take the boss's niece (Emily) to see an opera,

Ross promised to attend, for her with Emily, love results.

Meanwhile, Rachel's date is impossible, because the guest list, her name is spelled wrong, the result is a

A female rascal.

Chandler still cannot break from and Cathy recover the pain, because nobody accompanied him to strip will -- then monica

And he went with phoebe, Rachel also present.



The first four friends about 15. /



By Rachel letting go of a manicure, chandler met recently divorced Janice - - this Janice refused to go easy money


Chandler said his company will lie in yemen.

Janice: it, but did not get free... Because she accompanied him until he on the plane.

Monica as a "no" switch and troubled, touch war greatly, trying to find it, she finally control


Ross met several Emily's friends, they invited him to play savage bloody rugby,

For the sake of face, Ross adhere to play.

Friends don't regard Emily privately to their requests, with Ross matters play,

Emily desperately armor, Ross Cardiff friends weaknesses lie.



The first four friends first 16 sets about/drama


False party,

Phoebe after pregnancy crave meat, Joey agreed to temporarily vegetarian, phoebe can eat meat, and be no more

Animals die for her.

Rachel false called Emily partying is actually more time to spare, and Joe josiah along;

To win the west, Joe and Rachel his ugly... She even when the school is the cheerleader serve over wear.

Emily will return to England, rose is very unhappy, Rachel persuasion, your relationship and Emily will not end.



Article 17 the first four friends set about/drama


Joey and chandler inadvertently v nrop movie channel.

Monica urged rose in Emily before leaving us to her. But things did not go well, Emily another man.

Rose to London to love, Emily and Emily is fly back to America, she chose to tell rose with him.

Phoebe found themselves conceived triplets.

Little frank determined from the school and university "job, Phoebe want brother "dream" give up, so think

Make money.

The first four friends 18th set about/scenarios


Rachel's clothes

Little frank couples, please give her the birth of phoebe after one of three kids,

Joey and chandler all want to let children called his name, a quarrel.

Susan go to London, and Emily advertising with her around the sightseeing, Ross worry that they were too close accident will... Fear Sue

Bashan as abducted carol as abducted and Emily.

Rachel costumes to valencia date: Joe in her new skirt, new lingerie,

In her dinner, chicken duck appeared, Joe josiah was afraid, and said, my poultry parents today are not

As to my parents' house, how,

Early to valencia's parents, Joe caught Rachel only wear a sexy underwear, Who says that the Rachel panic is the New Year

She had to wear the dress, underwear and Joe josiah went to a restaurant.



The first four friends 19 sets about/scenarios


Haste makes waste

Sing to the man, poultry, window of the smell and narrow space, have prompted Rachel and monica to win back his apartment,

They attempted to use the knicks tickets for this season, but it QianDeHe bribery joey two guys refused to move house, they then another

A... And again fail. Really compensate.

When Joe and chandler to, Rachel and monica arbitrarily apartment in return. Chandler MoNi saurday, but the opposition

And Rachel, if let us put in here, we'll kiss a living. Two boys think very value.

Ross get a pair of earrings.

Phoebe to knit a sweater.

Ross hate and Emily separation, want to invite her live with... But he slips, Emily proposal. And she consented.

Know this news, everyone is shocked, especially Rachel.



Article 20 the first four friends set about/drama


Marriage gauze

Joey snoring, chandler stick to him to see a doctor,

During sleep, while joey asleep therapeutic room of the machine, chandler catch the Marjorie. Marjorie old love say talk in a dream and screamed in dream


Ross before marriage asked Rachel, but Rachel refuse to speak out Ross feel contrite.

Feeling desperate Rachel told Jo that he BiHun valencia away.

Monica for Emily choose gauze, but help oneself try... The dozen. Phoebe and Rachel also, with the evil

White gauze dry addiction.

Ross and Emily plans to get married next month.

Rachel to monica and phoebe confess her feelings of Ross.



The first four friends 21 sets about/plot



Camera flash-back, rose invite Rachel, Rachel refused to attend the wedding date.

Joey and chandler think their lives than Ross, so to do some wonderful stunts,

Such as mount Everest, or --

At least some video.



The first four friends episode 22 stories skeleton/scenarios


History is the most incompetent groomsman

Phoebe, suffered from women syndrome, emotional ups and downs frequent micturition, baby tummy, pseudoaneurysms delivery etc play.

Ross: both in joy and select a groomsman when,

He chose joey, joey at the wedding ring when single party lost.

Joey is to sleep with him that the ring with a striptease, went to her theory,

The ring was eaten by Joe ducks.

Monica and Rachel plans to hold a baby shower of phoebe, but they don't intend to send phoebe baby prcducts, because of it

A child to go, They seem was mistaken.



The first four friends 23rd set about/drama


Ross's wedding (1)

Ross, monica, joey and chandler flew to London, Phoebe pregnant, unable to travel, and Rachel stay care phoebe

... But she couldn't bear see Ross married.

Joey and chandler go sightseeing tourism, but the manner he joey the British flag cap make chandler embarrassing, so they separately


Chandler live very boring, but joey was unprecedented happy... Also, and Yorkshire duchess bouchardeau.

Emily selected church began to tear open change, her mood. Monica suggest that this delay, Ross wedding leads

More trouble. Emily flay want to cancel the wedding.

Rachel realized she still loved rose in shopping, she decided to valentine, Phoebe also wants to help her forget Ross. But the unbearable

Rachel finally decided to a lawsuit to London rose.



The first four friends first 24 set about/scenarios


Ross's wedding (second)

Phoebe calls warning joey, Rachel are rushing to the wedding.

Joey homesickness, but he made that lovely bridesmaids for him when siti quite interested, so he deserve to stay in London


Geller home and meet in-laws, Geller father promised to pay half the wedding expenses... But the houses to find QinGuGong again

Decorate cost also calculate to the wedding.

Rachel was desperate to London, Although she caught the plane, but don't agree with her other passengers.

QianDeHe monica in preview wedding reception, their mood and comfort each other rolled to a bed.

Before the wedding, joey, and QianDeHe monica separate tackle Rachel, When in joy and affectionate siti when Rachel slip away

Come in, but saw Ross and Emily close, she finally decided to sacrifice his feelings.

When the oath, Ross will Emily name wrong speak into Rachel, wedding will be terminated?


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